If this is our first encounter, let me briefly introduce myself. I was born in Lidköping (right between the big lake and the big plain) in Sweden, 1974. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and for the last two decades it has been my profession. My paintings exhibit regularly in Europe and the US, where most of them also have ended up in private collections. I currently hold the position of Academic Director at The Florence Academy of Art / Sweden, a branch that I also co-founded.

Being a firm believer in making art availble, limited edition prints makes sense to me. I collaborate with a local printing company that provides fine art prints on museum-quality archival 300gsm paper with archival pigment-based inks. I sign and number each print, and oversee each shipment personally. I hope that when you order a print from me, you feel as confident about the attention to details as the collectors of my original paintings do.

Each edition sold here will be the only edition - there will be no additional prints of this quality and in limited edition once all of the original prints are sold. Reproductions of some of these artworks already exist as book covers etc, reproducing of this kind (not originals) may happen in the future as well.